About Us

Chimera Brands LLC is the corporate entity behind Chimera Shrubs drinking vinegars and Chimera Bitters. We make fermented drinking vinegars concentrates in various wonderful flavors that are minimally processed and use a cold press method. Our proprietary process retains all the rich flavors and beneficial nutrients and allows for a vibrant, complex taste or “finish” excellent for hand-crafted cocktails and non-alcoholic sodas.


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1801 Race St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202

We’re setup in the Biergarten!

Chimera Hour (drinks and bottle retail)
Saturday, 10am-5pm
Sunday, 11am-4pm

Party SourceThePartySource

95 Riviera Dr
Bellevue, KY 41073

Mon-Thurs, 8am-10pm;
Fri-Sat 8am-12am; Sun 11am-9pm


Phone:(859) 291-4007

DSC09423BoBa Cha

1606 Main St.
Cincinnati , OH 45202 United States
(located one block North of Liberty on the right)

Mon-Fri, 10am-8pm; Sat-Sun 11am-8pm (Spring/Summer hours)
Fri-Sun, 11am-6pm (Fall/Winter hours)

Phone: 513-421-9111

Shop Made in Cincinnati

Made in Cincinnati is a curated online shopping site connecting customers to local makers and their stories, 24/7. By offering goods directly from Cincinnati’s best creatives and artisans in one location, you can buy local without leaving home.


Urban Artifact

1660 Blue Rock St
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223

Serving awesome wild culture brews and craft cocktails with your pick of Chimera Shrub

OVFC Logo COLOROhio Valley Food Connection (CSA)

Alice Chalmers, Director

Connects farmers to a network of active individual buyers
Provides individuals with a way to source top-quality local food that is used by Cincinnati’s top restaurants
We manage all customer service, ordering, and delivery

Order directly off of OVF website and pickup at various locations around region.



Phone: (513) 818-2221